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Pamex launch Utipro Plus AF, for the control and prevention of UTIs.

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Pamex launch Utipro Plus AF, for the control and prevention of UTIs.

Newly launched capsule for the control and prevention of acute and recurring UTIs.

Pamex Limited, continue to add to their growing portfolio of products, the latest of which is Utipro© Plus AF, a Class IIa Medical Device for the control and prevention of urinary tract infections. Utipro© Plus AF is available now from pharmacies nationwide without prescription or online at

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) pose a serious health problem to society and our healthcare system. 50% of women will suffer from a UTI in their lifetime and of that it is reported that 30% will have a recurring UTI.1 Utipro© Plus AF can treat both.

  1. coli that resides in the bowel are responsible for many cases of uncomplicated urinary tract infections (UTIs).2 When these bacteria leave the bowel, they can swiftly invade the bladder causing inflammation of the bladder wall. Utipro© Plus AF uniquely acts at the intestinal level to reduce this, using a combination of Xyloglucan-Gelose.

The Xyloglucan-Gelose creates a film that covers the surface of the intestinal mucosa. This effect can prevent adhesion and growth of bacteria reducing transmission to the urinary tract. Utipro© Plus AF also contains Hibiscus and Propolis which in the bladder and mildly acidify urine, helping to eliminate E. coli and control symptoms of UTIs, including painful urination, frequent urination, urgent urination and bladder tenderness or pain.

Antimicrobial resistance is developing at an alarming rate with the WHO stating that AMR is one of the Top 10 current global health threats3, it is thus essential to limit the use of antibiotics. In a clinical trial by Salvatorelli N. et al. 9 out of 10 patients with uncomplicated cystitis did not require an antibiotic with utipro plus.4

In cases of acute cystitis two capsules are taken per day for 5 days and in cases of recurring UTIs one capsule is taken daily for 15 consecutive days per month and can be repeated in cycles are required. Distributed in Ireland by Pamex Limited or for more information go to


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