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De Facto® Shaving Oil

De Facto® Shaving Oil


Feel the Difference……….

De Facto® is a 100% natural shaving oil which gives you the closest shave you’ll ever experience, and it’s kind to your skin, making razor cuts a thing of the past.

If you’re one of the millions of people who view shaving as a dreaded task, and who are left afterwards with sore and bumpy skin – De Facto® will change your life. Yes, change your life. Given that the average man spends a total of around 150 days of his life shaving, we know you deserve a more pleasant experience. And we’ve done something about it! Each 25ml bottle contains sufficient oil for over 200 incredible shaves and lasts at least 5 times longer than your average can of foam or gel!

De Facto® is available from your local pharmacy without prescription and online at and

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