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Alflorex® for good digestive health, is the only PrecisionBiotic™ supplement in Ireland to contain the unique and patented culture Bifidobacterium infantis 35624.

BioXtra® provide four interrelated oral care products specially formulated to moisturise, comfort and protect the mouth, and to promote better oral hygiene.

A range with products full of colour, for fun and daring people, like you.

Created with great care and above all with natural ingredients to care for your skin and lips.

With over 1 billion jars sold worldwide since 1937, Carmex® has established a very loyal following across the globe.

Feel the Difference……….

De Facto® is a 100% natural shaving oil.

Dermatonics Once Heel Balm, prescribed by leading Physicians and Podiatrists and is available from your pharmacy, without prescription.

Kin Dental provides a safe, well-balanced range of dental products designed to meet all professional and consumer needs. These products provide effective solutions for both health professionals and patients.

MARIMER NASAL HYGIENE is a seawater solution naturally high in mineral salts and marine dietary elements. The formula helps to decrease symptoms of allergy, and facilitates the gently evacuation of nasal secretions that can sometimes make life miserable.

Mycosan Fungal Nail is a complete treatment set, containing a unique serum in a user-friendly tube with brush (5ml), 10 nail files for single use and a treatment schedule. Mycosan is proven effective and active against fungi that cause fungal nail.

Skin Republic is a multiple award winning skin care range combining the latest advances in skin care with nature’s restorative properties.

Zenflore provides complete support for your mind and body during busy and demanding times. The 1714 – Serenitas ™ culture in Zenflore has been shown to reduce the level of our stress hormone, cortisol.

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