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Kin Dental

Kin Dental

Laboratorios Kin – Since 1964

The Choice of Professionals

Good oral hygiene is essential to healthy living.

Kin Dental provides a safe, well-balanced range of dental products designed to meet all professional and consumer needs. These products provide effective solutions for both health professionals and patients.

The range comprises the following specific products, which are generally regarded as the Professionals’ choice:

Fluor-Kin Mouthwash
Fluor- Kin Toothpaste
Kin B5 Mouthwash
Kin B5 Toothpaste
Kin Gingival Mouthwash
Kin Gingival Toothpaste
Kin Whitening Toothpaste
Ortho Kin Mouthwash
Ortho Kin Toothpaste
Perio-Kin Gel
Perio-Kin Spray
Sensi Kin Gel
Sensi Kin Mouthwash
Sensi Kin Toothpaste

Kin Dental is available from your local pharmacy without prescription and online at

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