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Visible results in 2 weeks*!

Mycosan Fungal Nail is a complete treatment set, containing a unique serum in a user-friendly tube with brush (5ml), 10 nail files for single use and a treatment schedule. Mycosan is proven effective and active against fungi that cause fungal nail. It is an easy and fast* solution: 92% of the users during a consumer study in 2011 saw in 2 weeks time an improvement of the nail surface.

Mycosan Fungal Nail has a unique composition.

Mycosan Fungal Nail treats mild to moderate forms of fungal nails

Mycosan protects surrounding nails against fungal infections

Mycosan nourishes the treated nail

Diabetics and children (age 4+) can also use Mycosan Fungal Nail.

Treats & Prevents

Treatment: Apply Mycosan twice a day for a period of 4 weeks, afterwards once a day until the affected area has grown out. Start filing after 2 weeks.

Prevention: Apply Mycosan Fungal Nail once a day on the nail. Mycosan also protects the surrounding nails and prevents re-infection after a previous contamination.

Mycosan Fungal Nail is available in 5 ml for the treatment of one nail and in 10 ml for the treatment of multiple fungal nails.

*92% of the users during a consumer study saw within 2 weeks an improvement of the nail surface.

Mycosan is available from your local pharmacy without prescription.

Visit the Mycosan website for more details.

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